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Welcome to the world of

Tangótica live in Gothenburg

Classic Argentine tango with a touch of swedish jazz


Tangótica is the powerful child of a surprising union between Tango and Jazz. Inspired by a Tango dancer with a Jazz soul, the band has grown over the past decade through passionate audiences. Music lovers appreciates the delicacy offered by some of the best musicians in Sweden, while emotional dancers go beyond their traditional experiences, moved by the unique power of the saxophone.
Purity and darkness, love and hate, sophistication and rawness. Welcome to the world of Tangótica.

Band Members

Sum of Incredible Parts

Band Members

Love Nilsson

Love has Jazz in his soul and Tango in his body. He is the creator and the wood-wind master of Tangótica. His dream was to combine an adulthood passion for tango, to his original love for jazz. He pursued his fantasy, offered a great challenge to some of the best musicians of Sweden, and put-up this sexteto together. For Tangótica, Love composes, plays alto and baritone saxophones, and flute. Love is also saxophonist in the West Coast Big Band and guess what, he is as well tango dancer and teacher!

Jens Lundberg

Jens is taking an absolute role in Tangótica with his bandoneón. Taught by maestros such as Juan José Mosalini in Paris and Nestor Marconi in Buenos Aires he is a true virtuous on his instrument.

When he's not playing with Tangótica he is concerting with both Barock and classical music, touring Europe, Japan and Argentina

Stefan Wingefors

From the deepest woods of Wärmland in Sweden he came to the city of Gothenburg in 1991.
Started of as a classical pianist at the university but soon changed his path into jazz. Stefan is the piano virtuoso of Tangótica, bringing 20 years experience touring around the globe playing jazz, pop and folk. Tango is for him a territory where to combine intense improvisation and classical technique.

Cecilia Hultcrantz

Cecilia is the delicate string of the band. Those sirs are very happy to have her on board on the tours and in the studio. She knows how to make her place in this manly band just as well as she knows how to charm the audience with her bow. And it’s even a bigger privilege for Tangótica as her skills and dedication to classical music gave her a permanent position as first violin in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Fredrik Bergman

Fredrik has worked for 22 years as a professional bass player in various contexts such as radio, TV programs, lead musician behind several artists as well as permanent bassist with the group Triple & Touch. He recently become to grow a passion for chamber musical adventure, not least the magical tango.
His blend of jazz and classical technique makes him the fundament that constantly pushes beat forward.

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